Julie and Julia: Cooking Recipe Happiness (2009)

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Here is what is interesting. You watch by chance a film by a famous director in which famous actors are involved. The screen unfolds dizzying plot somersaults, shot for a bunch of millions of dollars. And you look at it like a shop window of an expensive boutique going to the market for potatoes.

Yes, everything is in place. But the soul does not affect at all. But "Julie and Julia" specifically resembles a series for housewives. And the plot is so-so, and no view. But watch it warmly and comfortably, like in woolen socks with a glass of mulled wine on a cold autumn evening.

Maybe the secret in the virtuoso game is Meryl Streep? An outstanding American actress, adheres to the Stanislavsky system, is certainly the most important decoration of the picture. Remembering the bitchy aunt Miranda Priestley from “The Devil Wears Prada” or teased with cares, but still such a romantic and dreamy Donna with “Mamma MIA” you understand that there is probably no role that Madame Streep would not have mastered.

And yet the matter is not only in it. The director Nora Efron used to have very good pictures: “You got a letter” with Hengs and Ryan, “Michael” with Travolta, “The Witch” with Kidman. And yet it seems that it was this time that Efron made the signature dish itself.

Julie Paul (Amy Adams) is a call center operator. Dreaming of an acting career, Julie is forced to listen to complaints or even tantrums on the phone. And she is already almost thirty years old, a marriage with a classmate could be called happy, but the spouses do not have children.

Mom’s book - recipes "How to master the art of French cuisine" saves a girl from depression. Julia decides to cook all of the over 500 recipes over the course of the year and write about it on her blog.

The author of the book is the legendary Julia Child. She is also called the grandmother of American cuisine. In 1949, she and her husband went to France, where he fell in love with local cuisine. A tall American woman (her height was 188 cm!) Began to cook only at 32 years old. And this hobby grows into a real passion - Julia will finish the cooking courses perfectly, prepare several books for printing, will conduct her own cooking show, which will later be sorted into numerous video lessons.

Interestingly, the Pasadena native was actually ... a spy. It just so happened that French cuisine for Julia became as secret materials as military secrets. She handed them over to her country, at that time perhaps only fried potatoes with tomatoes or considered ordinary pancakes as a culinary masterpiece.

The action of the tape is always transferred from the 50s and in our time. Despite the setbacks and frustrations, both Julia find a recipe for their own happiness among recipes. And, most importantly, are ready to share this recipe with the audience ...

Well, it should be recognized that this picture is more feminine. And yet it seems to me that the guys will be interested in it. In the end, both housewives were fairly helped by their men. Well, if you suddenly want to cook something from Julia's recipes - the Internet will help you. Créditos Personales Mexico
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