Resistance movement

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We say: “This is not possible! It can't be! We can not do anything with it". How much could not happen in life? But still…. It happened. It happened, contrary to the fact that we considered this impossible, unthinkable. Any changes, good, bad, it doesn’t matter, occur at the will of people who say to themselves: “This is difficult. It is dangerous, even deadly. But, it is, nevertheless, possible! ”

It is believed that in critical moments, when a person is in mortal danger, he shows abilities that he did not even suspect. Now, today, this is the situation in which this protective instinct should work for us. Today, our Motherland needs our protection. As the analysis of events taking place in society shows, in the near future, with this sequence of events, we will cease to exist as a people, as a society, as a single country. We know that history is full of examples when different nations, trying to defend their right to self-determination, were wiped off the face of the earth.

Today, a similar process is going on throughout the world, and it concerns not only the Muslim or Christian world, it applies to all of humanity. Not only in the Soviet Union, but also in most countries of the world, power is seized by international mafia structures. The substitution of the political system, the rapidization of society, the concentration of all types of resources in the hands of mafia groups, this is not a complete list of crimes, the so-called "political figures."

Today, along with the management and transformation of society into a herd of brainless cattle, these structures are trying to manage the environment, climate and even control the development of our planet. Having received powerful tools for sole use, science, technology, which you can only guess, in the pursuit of world domination, these people do not stop at nothing.

 Having received a unipolar world, betraying our homeland, we will not be happy just because we can drive modern cars, watch TVs with a huge screen and live in comfortable cages. This is self-deception, sleep, obsession, but it's time to wake up. The “Resistance Movement”, a society of free people who are opposed to what is happening, is opposed to all the evil that has spread throughout our planet. We say: “It is possible! Perhaps because we have no choice.

 We will change this world. He will be completely different. ” This movement has no borders, it is not located on the territory of any state, it is a global movement of people who understand what is happening in the world. We will sweep away the so-called “top of society”, destroy it, so that humanity can survive and develop further.
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