Tour for two: 5 famous streets of Florence

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A romantic trip for two is a dream for every woman. If you decide to make a surprise for your soul mate, go to one Italian, beautiful city - Florence.
This city is just breathing romance, lightness, at every step you can see something interesting. Florence is a city for lovers. Even in Paris there is no that mystery, but each has its own preferences. Here is a description of five famous streets that have been surprising their tourists for years.
Five famous streets of Florence - everything for lovers
1. Signoria Square
Art in Italy delights everyone, even if you are not a fan of art, culture. It is impossible to pass by Italian creations, they went down in history. Signoria Square - this square is rightfully the most beautiful in Florence.
This square cannot be ignored; some tourists may think that all the streets lead here. How can you surprise your loved one on this street? Signoria Square will surprise a couple in love with the Palazzo Vecchio Palace.
2. Piazza Duomo
On this street there is the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Bell Tower. These buildings were built in different years, by six generations of architects. This street is the face of the city. She is depicted in advertising booklets, on souvenirs. Piazza Duomo is a great place for a romantic walk.
3. Vicolo dell’Oro
You can walk the streets of the city for several hours, but the time comes when fatigue sets in, you need to rest. On Vicolo dell’Oro 6R, there is a hotel with an outdoor restaurant on the top floor. On the roof of the restaurant you can see the whole city (Ponte Vecchio bridge, hills, old roofs of houses). You can book a hotel room, enjoy Italian chic.
4. Piazzale degli Uffizi
If you or your soulmate are close to art, you should visit the Museum of Fine Arts - Uffizi Gallery. To get here tourists stand in line. The Uffizi Gallery occupies six thousand square meters.
This is a huge building where famous works of art live.
5. Ponte Vecchio
There is a bridge over the river on this street. The symbol of all lovers is a bridge that symbolizes a meeting, mutual understanding, a strong relationship. Florence has the most ancient Golden Bridge Ponte Vecchio. If lovers walk across the bridge holding hands, they will be happy in love.
There are many places from which stories blow, romance, because Italians are experts in love affairs. The more streets you visit, the more impressions you will get from a romantic trip. best online slots canada
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