The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign is amazing. This is something completely different.

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The father begins to explain the situation, calls his brothers and sisters, puts a gas mask on them, but after a while the soldier enters the room. A man asks him for mercy, unfortunately, this is not the place for such words - a fight occurs between two adults, the boy interrupts all the action that the attacker rejects. The Russian takes weapons and shoots in front of his daughter - at this moment the player must escape, and the ventilation holes help in this, we move around the apartment, avoiding terrorists. Events take an unexpected turn, because the girl must outwit the Russian and attack him from behind with a screwdriver. This succeeded twice, then the struggle began, which ended with a grim scene - the child attacks the man several times with a knife.

The girl takes the mask from the executioner. Children approach a dying father together. Before giving a last breath, the guy tells his children that they must escape and survive at all costs. In the next mission, two heroes roam the streets, see the attacking Russians - masked soldiers walking between civilians shoot him in the head. This is another amazing moment in the campaign, because again this is not a “typical Call of Duty” - the characters avoid the terrorists.

In one place the boy is holding a wounded civilian - a man pulls out a gas mask for several seconds, but, fortunately, the boy manages to escape. In the last scene, the heroes reach a small base where Russian soldiers are preparing for the next massacre - the girl has the idea to use the weapons left by the terrorists, but it is necessary to divert attention. The boy goes in the indicated direction, his sister calls him, the Russians hear the sound of the phone, so there is a chance to get a gun - the player grabs the gyroscope, starts aiming and ... The whole planned action is interrupted by the approaching machine during the mission.

This is something completely different.

The missions described above show the path that Infinity Ward intends to follow, and I hope that they will have the entire series of Call of Duty with them. This is not the next war of heroes, but a focus on people who are often overlooked in these great conflicts. Developers have a huge range of opportunities, because they reach today, which surrounds us all the time - terrorist attacks constantly affect the lives of people around the world. The scriptwriters want to confront us with many difficult situations faced by employees of special units - here one second can affect the life of the entire unit, although even a hasty achievement of weapons can have equally fatal consequences. Of course, it’s hard for me to say how everything will be presented, but if the creators managed to maintain the level of these two demonstration missions, then you will be delighted.
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