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It seems that just recently we talked about Confrontation in a preview of the press version , and now the review has arrived. The game finally came out, and I had the opportunity to get to know it better. Tactics in fantasy surroundings are now found not at all as often as we would like. Therefore, despite the not very encouraging impressions of the press version, I wanted to make sure (or vice versa - change my mind) in the fidelity of the first glance.

People like epic. When the forces of Darkness come, and the Light (all with a capital letter, without this in any way) has the last hope in the face of some very ordinary people. They remain ordinary for the time being - gradually, with the help of a screenwriter, everyone swears, and in the end they give Darkness over their horns. Again, people like that. In any case, that's exactly what the developers of Confrontation think . Everything that I listed: Ragnarok, Darkness and Light, the last heroes and terrible enemies - is fully presented in the splash screen clip. Epic, yes. Again - as conceived by the creators of the friv game. But to me, and probably not only to me, all these world savior and other superheroes are already fed up. How many times have we all seen this? A lot of? It's okay, one more time.

The world of Aarklash is declining. The war of all against all is blazing with might and main, and the last battle is really just around the corner. But the outcome of this battle depends only on the player, more precisely, on the small team of Griffins under his command. Griffins are not at all such healthy birds, but one of the four game fractions. In addition to them, there are Scorpions - those same villains who are going to arrange an exterminatus, Wolves, that is, human wolves, and Orcs. The last two fractions are also villainous, but not as much as the representatives of arthropods. Well, we, it turns out, under the banner of Light, we are going to bend everyone.

Honestly, such stories have already managed to pretty annoying. From deliberately pathos voice in the video, broadcasting about the great battle, he is already driving cheekbones - he sounds so beaten. And from the fact that the narrator speaks Russian, it becomes only ridiculous, the epic moment does not penetrate completely.
ConfrontationIf anyone does not know, Confrontation is a "remake" of the board game of the same name. It is quite popular in its homeland, in France, but if desired, it can be found in our area. Figures of characters (or, if "in the right way", miniatures, "minks") are considered one of the best in quality of performance, and the friv game itself has good reviews. The plot and the appearance of the heroes were taken from the source, but the rules had to be changed - everything happens in computer Aarklash in real time, unlike the turn-based tabletop.

Yes, “real time”, but there is an active pause and the ability to give the fighter a chain of orders. You don’t have to “call out” enemies - it’s very convenient to command with a stop of time, you can do it without haste. Moreover, the sequence of instructions does not stop to be very complicated and not limited to simple "run here, and then here." In the chain of orders you can include moving, fighting, using special skills ... Of course, the depths of Alpha: Anti-Terror are far, but the developers did not strive for something like that (which is a pity).

Speaking of skills. Each hero has exactly five of them, but they are not immediately available - you will have to "swing" to open everything. The skill sets were not remembered for anything special - here the standard already enhanced hits, curses, buffs and other “fireballs”. All these effects are added, multiplied and subtracted in various combinations. You can “freeze” the enemy, slap it with some long-lasting spell, and he yourself can be quietly treated aside while the enemy dies in agony. It is a pity that you cannot choose those spells yourself that you want to "pump" - in this regard, everything is completely linear. A small branching is present in the development of other skills: sometimes it turns out to be found on the map the so-called armor points and weapons, which provide evasion, increase the chance of critical damage and the like. These points are common to all members of the squad; on whom to spend them - decide for yourself. Both armor and weapons have two branches of development; which when to develop is also the prerogative of the player. There are also “glyphs” - the same improvements in armor and equipment, but you can only insert them in special slots, and when using a new glyph, the old one disappears. With "pumping" sparse.

The choice of equipment is also meager - each hero has only two sets of weapons. It makes sense to change weapons if you do not want your shooter to run ahead of the squad and try to attack the enemy with some penknife. It is better to give him a gun and put it behind everyone - let him calmly shoot the enemy soldiers.

Such stinginess in the development of skills and equipment of soldiers is not at all pleasing. Hopes for picking up a variety of armor, swords and similar pieces of iron did not materialize. A lot of games are tied to such Munchkinism, but the developers, apparently, know better what is worth adding to Confrontation , and what is completely superfluous.

This we do not need too much, apparently, and search algorithms were way characters. I have not seen such a hack for a long time: heroes can get tangled in literally three pine trees, cling to surrounding objects, associates, enemies ... Having trodden a little on the spot, the annoyed hero says that the target is unavailable. And it doesn’t matter that this goal is a couple of steps, you just have to bypass the obstacle.

Another “unnecessary” thing is, in fact, the tactics themselves. She is simply not here. You can "circle everyone with a frame" and throw at enemies in turn, focusing damage. What? Skills? Well, yes, their use is also very important - so much so that you can click all the spells in a row, sorting through the heroes in a circle over and over again. Win anyway. Given that defeated comrades-in-arms can easily be raised, the battles here are almost not forced to think. Yes, if there are more enemies, then you have to sweat, but honestly, there is not much interest from such battles.

And finally - the developers decided that modern graphics Confrontationto nothing. After the pathos splash screen clip, one of the main characters appears on the screen. The appearance is very “spectacular” - both the appearance and animation of the character vividly remind of a difficult childhood, a slowing down computer and a clumsy three-dimensional picture. Hello, the friv games of the beginning of the two thousandth, timidly stepping on the 3D path, I missed you!

The first frame of the game. You already feel the Breath of the Last Battle, what is about to strike? As you can see, artists and animators, not without direct hands, have already fallen victims of Ragnarok.
It's good that multiplayer is in place. It’s bad that no one plays him. Do not blame me - maybe Confrontation is a miracle as good in network mode (which was my only hope for the success of the game), but I could not find out. The list in the lobby, consisting of one player - me, - that's all, in fact, that you can tell about online battles.

Cyanide Studio rivets toys one by one. In addition to the newly released Confrontation , three more releases are planned in the very near future. I hope these creations of the French developers are more fortunate.

Pros: excellent menu design; nice gallery of drawings.
Cons: outdated graphics; pomposed pathos; Errors what is happening on the screen as a whole is not much like a strategy.
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