Small shoulder bag

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The variety of bags on the market is impressive! Which only: classic, clutches, envelopes, postmen, pouch, baguettes, tablets, clutches, bracelets, satchels, etc. The main thing in all this is not to get lost and not to lose yourself! After all, it is very important to choose a bag "for yourself", so that it is comfortable, functional and, of course, beautiful. We will find out why you should buy a small bag over your shoulder, and why it is in such great demand.
Small shoulder bags are the ancestors of simple pockets, and later small bags. At first, ladies and gentlemen put gold coins in them, but women have been skillful inventors and lovers of beautiful gizmos for centuries. Then the first small handbags appeared, in which fashionistas could hide not only money, but also powder, scallop and other trifles.
When there were already more capacious women's bags, they had to be carried constantly in a hand. It was extremely inconvenient and then the famous Coco decided simply to sew a long handle on these bags, which freed her hands. Since then, such bags have not ceased to be in demand.
If you decide to buy a small bag over your shoulder, then you will discover their great advantages:
• a variety of shapes and colors;
• looks neat and beautiful;
• the strap can be adjusted to the characteristics of your figure;
• you always have free hands;
• can be worn both every day and at various events, including evening and business meetings;
• wide pricing policy;
• in such a small handbag everything you need will fit and at the same time there will be no traditional female mess J
Hands free bag and world stars
Trends dictate to us not only fashion shows and magazines, but also movie stars, music and other industries. Paparazzi regularly remove them on walks, shopping, social events in couture dresses and accessories from the best designers. The stars also liked small bags over their shoulders, which you can buy now almost everywhere. In tandem with them were seen: Kim and Courtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Garner and many others.
Even the younger generation of Wang’s family, Isla Wang, chooses a small Chanel handbag to go to New York Fashion Week.
Designers love them!
For quite some time we see these little creations of great couturiers on all the catwalks of the world! Of course, all designers love a handbag over their shoulders. They are in the collections of such eminent creators as Versace, Chanel, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent. Without a doubt, they will continue to delight and surprise us with their new ideas in the world of mini handbags over their shoulders.
Where to buy a small shoulder bag?
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