Review of the game FIFA 20 (PC) No. 3

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However, there were several new products - there are seasonal tasks for which we receive coins, as well as decks, experience points and new outfits. These problems occur at different intervals - the most popular are daily, which encourage us to regularly visit FUT. The dynamic goals associated with current football games are also interesting - for example, the upcoming semi-final of the Champions League, etc. Friendly decisions are also friendly matches of FUT, which we can play with friends according to our own rules and without affecting the results in the ranking. This is a great option to test the composition and new acquisitions.

The interface has changed, but not always for the better. Personalization fans will appreciate a much larger number of items such as T-shirts, stadiums and various decorations.

Although the FIFA Ultimate Team looks really great in theory, we will quickly find out how much time (and often money) you need to spend to achieve something here. Regular service in high divisions (which gives us the best rewards) requires playing the FUT for at least several hours a day and passing a strong team - if we are unlucky with open packages (and most often we have!) - this can take up to several months . The best card that came to him was the standard form with football player Rodry from Manchester City - worth up to tens of thousands of coins. This is the answer to the question: is it worth opening packages?

FUT is also a huge obstacle, and the game is clearly deceiving us so that we do not discourage players with weaker rosters. Never my team with 100% chemistry and statistics of players with an average of 85 points suddenly lost literally on the field, and the defense conceded every ball when I dominated a minute ago and won 2-3-0 with a player with a much weaker, less harmonious team . FIFA 20 also makes us constantly and endlessly alternate between cards, because it suddenly turns out that our wonderful team, which we have assembled over the course of several weeks, plays somehow worse, less syntactically. We exchange one or two players, and we again have peace, at least for a while.

Similar problems could be mentioned here more, but it is a waste of time - I am sending the curious to the various FIFA forums, which are awash with comments from disappointed players. However, EA does nothing with this, because the same commentators will not leave FUT in any case - for many, this mode has become something without which they cannot imagine an autumn evening.

How do you rate FIFA 20 here? On the one hand, this is a successful hit, which, first of all, offers a very specific degree of compactness - a huge selection of game modes and a really cool novelty in the form of volts, if we have someone to play with. Add to this the rich licenses, which are still quite pleasant, but still sketchy - ultimately - the gameplay. On the other hand, we have the whole FUT, in which EA Sports clearly deceives the players, just to get as much money from their wallets as possible. FIFA 20 is a good game, but only Volt mode can be considered a novelty. Go and download 1700+ siterips if you have good internet connection
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