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In the high case of deception and swindle, the main thing is not to go too far. Here of Electronic Arts has , for example, always know when to stop. They released a couple of terrible sets of furniture for The Sims 3 , enjoyed the profit, coupled with the righteous indignation of the fans - and that's enough. It’s time and honor to know. That is, send to print some normal add-on with a full set of innovations. Then, when the fans of the series eat and digest the booty, it will be possible to return to the practice of selling garbage. And so constantly.

No wonder after the infamous Fast Lane Stuffdevelopers quickly fidgeted and sweetened the pill with at least a full-fledged addon. Play best friv games site. That is, not sixty ugly objects, but - lo and behold! - new features. And even, we are not afraid to say, a fresh look at the simulated life.

Let 's start with the main thing. Late Night Supplementfinally corrected the flagrant injustice, discrimination and humiliation of female characters. Now they have real, big and round ... authority. If before the authority of simodevushki was the maximum of the first, and in an extreme case - one and a half size, now the degree of respect of the heroine can reach a full third with a thin physique! At least it’s clear what the new celebrity scoring system is based on. Oh yeah, haven't we said anything about celebrities yet? This is because we have a lot of work to break away from the contemplation of reputable young ladies. But try all the same in order.

Addon Late Nightconsists of two global components of simulated life, indirectly interconnected. On the one hand, it is really about nightly adventures. Bars, restaurants, discotheques and companies are bizarrely combined with the vampire line of development. In general, now the character - in theory - can properly "come off" with friends in a vicious place, drinking completely non-alcoholic drinks and dancing on the dance floor or bar counter. We understand that a person, having returned from the Cheerful Nausea club in the morning, will be just happy to pass an hour or two for a similar pastime already in the playing space.

On the other hand, fresh content has brought more serious innovations. Mostly in the field of show business. This is the field of professional activity - cinema, and the opportunity to create your own musical group, and the very system of gradual formation of a celebrity, which was discussed a little higher. Finally, along with the addition, another city came to us - Bridgeport. This is where the main trick is buried.

The fact is that old, developed cities, in which everyone already has one, two, or even more lovingly nurtured families, are very little suitable for nightlife. When installing Ambitions, we were kindly offered to place the missing establishments on free plots - a fire station, a beauty salon and other buildings, without which access to untested professions would be impossible. It would be logical if Late Night behaved the same way. Indeed, new content requires the indispensable presence of bars, clubs and a film studio in the reach of the character.

In reality, the last addon was not so friendly. Adding “cool places” to the list of municipal buildings is not only a dreary, but also thankless task. The game incredibly long saves each individual bar, and as a result, we see skyscrapers that are completely inconsistent with the spirit and appearance of the city, which are also always empty. Vampires, celebrities, regulars of clubs "hang out" only in Bridgeport. Without them, sitting out of your pants in a pub or languid attempts to dance to disco-style music will lead to an accelerated death from boredom. Consequently, a full twilight life is possible only in the metropolis.

But then there we really can come off to the full. The character can be settled both in a traditional house on the outskirts, and in a city apartment, where redevelopment is unacceptable.

As usual, a young resident of the cultural capital begins small his way to success, which is now expressed in the number of stars - up to five, like cognac. Each asterisk symbolizes the degree of widespread fame of our hero in narrow or not very circles.

Accumulating "celebrity points" can be done in different ways. It is enough to become a soloist of the sought-after group or to reach a high stage of the career ladder and, of course, communicate with other, already held favorites of the public. Which, incidentally, is not so simple: high-flying people don’t chat with anyone, they must first be impressed with their own successes in any field.

The game of celebrity is an absolute plus of the addon. When our initially unknown ward suddenly becomes the focus of public attention, we feel the real atmosphere of show business in all its glory. Establishments make discounts, companies send gifts, and others think of our protege with enthusiasm and awe. Jump for autographs, asking permission to take a picture. There is a flip side to the matter: now you can’t afford to publicly drop your face - everyone will immediately begin to discuss this incident. That's all. And our sim will immediately feel miserable because of the very fact of public censure.

If the Electronic Arts celebrities got to the point, then this whole bar-disco life in itself bothers very quickly. Well, we drank a cocktail, twitched to the music, splashed in the jacuzzi for some reason, right in the middle of the club. So, what is next?

It’s especially funny - when we make a lot of efforts to deceive a strict bouncer who is ready to let only a celebrity into the VIP zone, we find that the desired platform for privileged people is simply empty. In general, if we come to an institution and see at least two or three people on the dance floor, we can assume that we are very lucky. Even in Bridgeport it is.
We intentionally do not focus on the fact that most of the innovations in The Sims 3: Late Night are slightly redesigned features from additions to The Sims 2 . In particular - Nightlife . For Electronic Arts, re-adding add-ons to previous versions and releasing the results as a new product is such a familiar move that it does not even cause annoyance. After all, there are things in the world that you can only put up with.
Especially for hanging out, a system of unification in the company was created. Familiar characters automatically join him when we invite them to a public site. They follow him on the heels and blame him for their good or, on the contrary, terrible rest.

This is where the problems with artificial intelligence make themselves felt. Our companion can escape even before we enter the planned institution with him, but this will not prevent him from finding the outing very fun. In other cases, the fellow traveler leaves in extreme irritation after such normal gatherings with dancing, drinking and other attributes of a “flying” rest.

Vampire life can be considered the success of the developers. Not everything in it is indisputable, but much is funny. To become a creepy fanged creature of the night, you need to make friends with the "acting" ghoul and beg him to bite himself.

What for? Oh, a vampire has many advantages. From the very beginning, we clearly feel that all our immortal bloody friends are a kind of analogue of an elite closed community. They have their own club, where mere mortals are not allowed. They can do things that ordinary sims never dreamed of. For example, finding out data about the tastes, relationships, and character traits of other characters by reading minds. Or, which is more useful in practice, forcing your friends to think about yourself, thereby instantly improving relationships. Among other things, vampires run fast, which is especially important in the huge Bridgeport. And they acquire new skills much sooner than people. Only need training at night. However, for a canine-toothed character, it is generally meaningful to lead a nocturnal lifestyle: sunlight is not very useful for him.

True, the vampire line could not avoid a few funny "mistakes". After the desired turning bite, for which our sim ran for a week, he is overcome by the effect “Mosquito bite?”, In the description of which there are two tiny dots on the skin - attention! - of unknown origin. Is it possible that along with the ghoul essence of the hero, they also infect sclerosis?

For those who are already “hooked” on The Sims series and are ready to put up with EA’s greed , mistakes, bugs and shortcomings for the sake of pleasure in playing “real life”, we inform you: the Late Night addon , albeit with reservations, can make the simulator even closer to full imitation of reality. What was required of him.

Pros: atmospheric vampire line; successfully implemented celebrity points accumulation system; Beautiful busts for female characters.
Cons: still stupid AI; logical "mistakes"; incompatibility of new content with old cities; empty places.

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