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The fantasy world of a child knows no bounds. It is important to ensure that the young dreamer can carry out his ideas, playing with useful educational toys and kits. Plasticine molding is traditionally ranked among the most productive types of children's art. After all, she most actively develops fine motor skills, spatial thinking, enriches tactile perception.

The molding allows a small person to know the world even deeper, revealing three-dimensional surfaces, silhouettes, faces in front of him. But before, children were not allowed to get carried away too much with modeling, because only a few minutes during this lesson guaranteed a dirty workplace, dirty clothes, which meant an extra headache for mom. In addition, parents often worried that plasticine could be swallowed by a child, causing terrible consequences. And the pieces of plasticine themselves after some time of use became dirty and unpleasantly smelling, without causing parental approval.

Play-Doh plasticine was created in order to radically change the attitude towards children's modeling. This happened back in 1956, when the company Hasbro first released this product. Children from all over the world have found in this plasticine a limitless source for the embodiment of their creative ideas and fantasies. He has earned widespread recognition and approval not only from his parents, but also from specialists in child development and educators. After all, Play Do clay is completely special. Let's start with a description of his external qualities.

Bright, pure colors, delicate vanilla aroma, surprisingly plastic texture ... Play Doh plasticine I just want to pick up and touch! He absolutely does not stick to his fingers, does not stain either clothing or surrounding objects. Small pieces of plasticine are very easy to remove after work. The jar in which it is sold will for a long time keep the plasticine flexible and pliable.

What about the composition? Play-Doh has a secret formula. Its basis is flour, salt and water, plastic properties are provided by natural wheat gluten. Dyes are completely safe. Therefore, nothing bad will happen if a child accidentally eats a piece of it.

 But such a desire is unlikely to arise even in a baby, because the Play Do plasticine tastes very salty.

What about practicality? Just great! Crafts, which are made from Play Doh plasticine, have the property of becoming solid after spending a bit of air. This is a wonderful property that will allow you to keep the masterpieces created for some time, demonstrate them to the whole family and even arrange a real exhibition. At any moment, you can only slightly moisten the frozen pieces with water, and they will again become plastic. Moreover, all dirt will not stick to them, they will also look great and smell. You can do it again!

As for the topic of sets, the manufacturer Play-Doh Hasbro takes into account the interests of everyone and everything. Girls will certainly be interested in the Play Do series on Disney Princesses and the animated series My Little Ponies. Boys will certainly want to try their hand at modeling in the company of special equipment from the cartoon "Tipper Chuck and His Friends". Play Doh products, created by the legendary Marvel comic book universe, are also of great interest.

The Play Do sets are incredibly popular, with which the child can feel like the owner of a particular profession.

 Many different "Play Do factories" offer to penetrate the intricacies of confectionery art. Ice cream, cake, muffins, cookies - a variety of sweets can be created, baked and decorated using wonderful devices. And then you can put the results of the labors on the window and play also the seller!

In addition, Play Doh plasticine has made the dental profession incredibly popular among children. Yes, now they’re not afraid of a dentist, but dream of becoming one! After all, the mega-interesting set of Play-Do "Mr. Zubastik" opens the process of dental treatment from a completely new, exciting and interesting aspect.

In the world of Play-Doh, young stylists, designers and artists have not forgotten either. A lot of sets are dedicated to creating outfits and hairstyles. Designers and painters got a whole unique series - DohVinchi! Special tools and a special liquid plasticine in it help decorate almost any surface with intricate patterns. With DoVinci plasticine, anyone can become the creator of a series of incredibly beautiful designer gizmos and stylish accessories for the interior. Rating online casinos: Play and win!
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