Signs related to pregnancy: believe or not

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During pregnancy, even the most sensible women sometimes begin to believe in signs. Whether this or that action will harm a future baby is of interest to many expectant mothers. So true or not omens?

There are reasonable signs that can actually affect the well-being of the baby. At least take a ban on eating red fruits. Grandmothers threaten that if these fruits are abused, the baby will be born red. There is some truth in this. Since red fruits can cause an allergic reaction in mother and the unborn child.

The next sign says that you can not hang clothes after washing, they say, the child in the umbilical cord will get confused. In the umbilical cord, he will not get confused, but his blood circulation will deteriorate with such actions of a woman. And the uterine tone may increase, which threatens premature birth.

There are signs prohibiting knitting and cooking a dowry for a baby (before his future mother herself sewed). Both are related to the fact that this pastime involves prolonged sitting. Because of this, there is a violation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

According to signs, you can’t talk about your pregnancy until the tummy is noticeable. The same goes for the estimated date of birth. This is quite logical. You never know what can happen in the early stages of pregnancy, and then you will have to answer questions from others. And they don’t talk about the date of birth, so that they don’t torture you with stupid questions, “Have you not yet given birth ?!”

The sign says that the child will be born sick or with deformities if the expectant mother contemplates the unpleasant and frightening (for example, get involved in horror films). There is a deal of truth in it. Still, unpleasant "pictures" lead to stress, which is best avoided. And pregnancy can end in complex or premature birth, and they often occur with birth injuries of the baby.

According to signs, expectant mothers should not be sitting cross-legged. Otherwise, the child's lower limbs will be a "wheel". Yes, cross-legged, it is undesirable to sit. And this is due to the deterioration of blood circulation in them.

The next ban says that a baby in her mother’s stomach will suffocate if she sleeps on her back. Almost true. Pregnant women are not recommended to sleep lying on their backs because the inferior vena cava is compressed. The baby begins to feel a lack of oxygen and nutrients.

One can also believe in these signs, since they are scientifically substantiated. But whether to believe in magic signs: not to cut your hair, not to be photographed, to give birth with flowing hair, and others - is a personal matter for every expectant mother. 5 minimum deposit casino
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