Angry Birds Star Wars: Kizi Overview

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Rovio Mobile could well compete with Electronic Arts in the skill of “untwisting” successful projects. Like The Sims , the Angry Birds series of games for mobile devices has already acquired numerous sequels, clones and add-ons with talking subtitles like the Angry Birds Seasons.

However, Angry Birds Star Wars is not just a sequel. This is a meeting of two "monsters" of the entertainment industry; this is an attempt to cut off another piece from the legendary saga of George Lucas (George Lucas), already already pretty bite. Play all very more kizi games at the best kizi games site.

With a creative exploration of the Star Wars universe in a project like Angry Birds , you can’t really punch over the plot. In a short comic book-like video, it is enough to demonstrate the round “pintessess” Leia with the characteristic two “bagels” on the bird’s head-body. And that’s all - Star Wars fans will cry right away with emotion. Then you can feed them almost anything. For example, the traditional Angry Birds gameplay with a few entourage modifications appropriate to the occasion.

Instead of ordinary birds, we have at our disposal the Jedi, space marines, strange palpatine-like creatures in the hoods, and even feathered droids that hit the squares with an electric discharge. Each bird has a new special set of skills. So, our old acquaintances - red birds - turned into Skywalker hatches and acquired laser swords. Someone hits objects with a force field, someone shoots with rifles, since there’s a lot to shoot here.

Our opponents will still be pigs. True, now they are dressed in the uniform of the Sith and sometimes try to shoot back. Moreover, the most important pig wears a distinctive black helmet and makes an unpleasant giggle at us whenever we lose.

You can’t do without losses. The creators of Angry Birdstrue to themselves: at first the game seems “more casual nowhere”, but by the age of thirty it reveals its true essence of a suitable puzzle for fans to think through difficult tasks. It is also worth remembering the need to save birds: the numbers in the column “points per level” still depend on the number of unused warriors.

A lot here, by the way, is built on the rebound effect. Moreover, sometimes it is necessary to calculate the hit so that the laser beam from the next rifle of the space infantryman collides with the same beam from the enemy’s turret, bounces, gets into the box with TNT, which will blow the hell out of Vader’s training helmet, protected by a force field. In general, it turns out a lot of fun.

The levels related to space battles still look interesting. We must shoot the birds from a slingshot mounted on a small asteroid so that the "shell" reaches the neighboring planet and knocks out the pigs that settled there. Sometimes we are talking about several mutually attracting planets.

The beauty is that there are completely different, not "land" laws of physics. Birds now and then become companions in the orbit of celestial bodies, send meteor shower to pigs, soar in zero gravity and thereby deliver a lot of pleasure and fun not only to fans of Star Wars, but to everyone else. Moreover, these interplanetary levels are really cool drawn. However, in fairness it must be said that the idea of ​​space battles has already been tested inAngry Birds Space .

With all its undoubted advantages, Angry Birds Star Wars is a repeat of the already played. How long will Rovio be able to “milk” the same gameplay idea? We think that Bad Piggies , released a little earlier, can serve as an answer to this question: developers have no shortage of ideas. An alternate aerodrome has already been built.

Pros: a fun comprehension of the Star Wars universe; entertaining levels; Entourage bird abilities.
Cons: There are no fundamental gameplay changes compared to previous games in the series.
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