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A series of additions “Behind Enemy Lines: Saboteurs” did not earn much love among lovers of tactical strategies. The creators managed to step on a bunch of rakes three times in a row at once - there are outdated graphics, and an absurd plot, and the gameplay could not be called particularly interesting. Nevertheless, about a year ago it became known that “1C-SoftKlab” wants to return to “Saboteurs” , but not to release the next hackwork (namely, this was the first three parts), but to do something really new. Moreover, new in every sense - except for promises to improve the quality of execution, the developers said that the setting will be completely different.

The choice of a war in Vietnam is not accidental: World War II managed to bother everyone, and a guerrilla war in the jungle is the best suited for the concept of "Saboteurs . " Moreover, there was an opportunity to participate in battles for two cardinally different sides: the Americans have technical superiority, excellent training of fighters and support for aviation, and the Viet Cong prefer ambushes and attacks on enemy rear. And then there are helicopters! Play best y8 games at the website. Y8 games online play the y8 games, relax, have fun.

As the name implies, you will have to command a small group of soldiers engaged in subversive activities. Each of the subordinates has their own specialization: someone shoots better with a rifle, someone with a machine gun. It sounds tempting ( Commandos is immediately remembered ), but actually it looks rather stupid - after the first losses it turns out that the division into classes exists only formally. Indeed, if you give the weapons of the deceased sniper to a grenade thrower, he will be able to shoot enemies with squirrel in the eye with no less success.

It is because of this that most missions can be completed with one fighter, the game itself has to do this - large-scale battles are nothing at all, and the allies act on their own in them, and our subordinates can only help our comrades as best we can. The recipe for success is so simple that “Saboteurs” are even a little ashamed to call a tactical strategy - the North Korean campaign, with the exception of the last chapter, is carried out by bluntly exterminating all the enemies on the map. Yes, you can do everything quietly, with knives or silent small arms, eliminating only sentries, but the tasks set and the enemy’s behavior unobtrusively push precisely to total genocide. Effective, but boring.

A completely different picture in the second campaign. It seems that it was made by a completely different team of developers, and they did their job with great desire, and the missions for the Viet Cong were entrusted to some students - "so that it would be." American commandos will have to rescue prisoners, mine warehouses, break in fortified defenses and do a whole bunch of other things. Night battles were especially successful, where it was necessary to act covertly so that the enemy did not raise the alarm. Here it is necessary to dodge and think not in a standard way, otherwise failure is inevitable. If almost all missions for North Vietnam can be fairly easily run using only a sniper, now no one will be nursing a player. The situation is constantly changing, sometimes forcing to act in conditions of tough time pressure and superiority of the enemy in manpower and equipment. Here the rule “The more difficult, the more interesting” already begins to work. So? So, but...

The main mistake of the developers is not at all in one boring campaign - after all, there is a second that cannot be called dull. And the picture didn’t let us down: even if the GEM graphics engine can already be considered a veteran, the game looks modern, but you don’t even think about brakes and bugs.

I had to think about something else. “Vietnam” ... One word, but how many associations! “I love the smell of napalm in the morning,” remember Lieutenant Colonel Kurtz of Apocalypse Now? The famous scene with “Flight of the Valkyries” from the same picture, many songs of the time, which are inextricably linked with the Vietnam War. Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, other films and books - ten years of continuous military operations left a huge layer in American culture (and not only American - who did not hear Phantom performed by Chizh & Co or Letov?). And what do the authors do with all this grandeur? But nothing, pass by. Colorful clips, interesting story? For this not here - sorry, they didn’t deliver it. The promised “unique atmospheric soundtrack” turns out to be some kind of slurred strumming that does not contribute to immersion in the game, cardboard characters exchange template replicas, and when one of the main characters is killed, you do not worry at all. All the same, in the next mission, a living and healthy fighter will continue to fight as if nothing had happened.

If you face the truth, then “Saboteurs” is not a new game about the war in Vietnam (let the name and say the opposite). This is another "Behind Enemy Lines 2"but in the jungle. Change the scene to the Pacific theater of World War II - and little will change. The same tropical thickets, a lot of infantry and a little equipment, partisans, traps ... Vietnam, Mariana Islands - what's the difference? More modern tanks seem to be completely different, but they differ from their ancestors only in appearance and fight in the same way as before. Of the truly new, we can mention only silent firearms and the M79 hand grenade launcher, thanks to which at least some gameplay differences from the classic "VTV" appear. “Helicopter War,” you say? Yes, rotorcraft are common here, but you can’t control them, you can only use them as air support. And those moments when the enemy had helicopters, and they could not be shot down, I don’t even want to remember - I hope the creators are very ashamed of such an animation (or rather, its absence) of the turntable's fall.

After the game is completely completed, there is no desire to launch it again. The cooperative does not change the sad situation - it’s just an excuse to once again run through the missions that I like the most (I make a clear hint that this is a campaign for the USA), no more. A couple of fights in Assault Squad will be a much better waste of time. And the "Saboteurs" ? On a shelf, in the collection of other tactics “Behind Enemy Lines” . There, "Vietnam" is the place.

Pros: good stealth missions; animation of shooting and explosions; damage model technology.
Cons: banal and unforgettable plot; monotony; dull soundtrack; lack of novelty.

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