Walkthrough Rage 2. Mission Double Cross # 003

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Boss Fight - General Cross

You must fight with General Cross. The fight is divided into two main phases. In the first, the boss uses guns. Run to the sides and shoot the boss between his attacks.

You can attack the Cross with almost any weapon, even the main Ranger assault rifle. Weapons that work best over short distances are an exception. Better to keep a safe distance from the boss to reduce the chance of being hit.

In addition to firing at you from his cannons, the boss can also create energy waves, similar to those used by the authorities. Jump over them. Grav-Jump will help you survive in this battle. Thanks to this skill, you can make double jumps on the waves. If you improve this ability, you can stay in the air for a short time.

When the Cross loses about 1/3 of its health, it runs into the central force field. Do not follow or attack him - you cannot damage him for some time.

Focus on eliminating the usual enemies that have just appeared in the arena. You can kill them quickly using the Rocket Launcher or skills like Shatter or Slam.

Wait for the game to mark the top capsule. Start shooting them. Do the same with the other capsules.

Now you must repeat all the above steps - continue to attack General Cross until it enters the force field, get rid of new permanent enemies and destroy new capsules.

The second phase of the battle begins when General Cross remains 1/3 of the health scale. Now he will try to attack you with blades. Use the Dash skill to avoid injuries and keep the boss at bay. You must also use Overdrive to do more damage to the boss.

Watch the video - this is not your last meeting with the general. You get the head of the Cross - you will use it later to get its DNA.

Return to Dr. Kwasir and complete the mission.

Use the narrow passage that will lead you to the elevator. On the way to the exit from the Lazar station you will not meet enemies. Rescued civilians are standing in front of the station. You can talk to them (this is optional).

Use a quick journey to move to Dr. Kwasir’s laboratory. Place the Cross'head in the DNA Extractor. After a while, the device will give you the Syringe of Nanotrite Virus.

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