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She plunged into herself with incredible strength, let go only on a sleepy morning, and, like an insatiable girl, made it clear that after a short rest, meeting her could not be avoided. Remember what it was like? Exciting, intriguing, exemplary, exciting. After the full passage, I wanted everyone to say that games are really art, that they will one day stand on the same level with films, and then rise higher. That was Mafia . A resonance game, a phenomenon game, a legend game. Until the last time, we had promised not to draw parallels between the first part and the sequel, but we just can't do it, excuse me. About Mafia 2 can not be judged without a detailed retrospective. Why so - guessing is easy. If you, like us, love the first "Mafia", then try now together with us to make a sad grimace, pour yourself a crappy cheap whiskey in a glass, light a cigarette without a filter without fail from a gas lighter and get ready. No matter how painful and insulting, we are forced to talk about Mafia 2 in a completely different way than we had imagined for eight long years.

And at first everything was like in a fairy tale. After a magnificent introduction and a fleeting military episode, we get it for a few moments - that very second “Mafia” . Walking, fluffy snow, Vito Scaletta in a beautiful overcoat, “Let it Snow!” By Sammy Canand leisurely sipping a beer at the bar with an old friend. From enthusiastic feelings, my heart breaks - we almost love everything further in absentia. Pleasantly affects almost everything. Along the road, lazily crawling cars, picturesquely covered with snow. The number of scenes with the participation of passers-by sets up noble and pure thoughts that here it is - the game of the year! The familiar owner of the shop pushes the windows and doors of his establishment with boards - during the war, his income sharply decreased. Apparently, we meet in a local cafe, Vito's ex-girlfriend, who did not waste time: she is already married and has two children in her arms at the age of 21. A middle-aged lady, cringing from the cold, scolds her husband and his damaged car. Bombers fly over the houses - everyone is fascinated to look at the sky and conduct philistine talk about the war. The study of the environment - houses, shop windows, even the garbage that rolls underfoot, are on top. A newspaper salesman screams across the road, reading headlines from the first page. In her home porch, a cleaner rubs the floor to shine ...

Smartly made cars - one of the reasons for exploring the game. Among them there are full pimped places like a taxi, which migrated here from the first part, and high-speed cars - for example, Shubert Frigate. At the same time, you must necessarily set a realistic driving mode, otherwise you will not feel all the pleasure of controlling slow, always skidding and slow turtles.
There is another reason to spend with Mafia 2More time than expected is a premium mini-game that obliges you to collect posters from Playboy magazine of that time. It’s much better, after all, than to draw graffiti, to collect horseshoes with shells or to shoot pigeons, you know where. There have been archives on the Web for a long time, where there are all the photographs, but this will not stop true connoisseurs of female beauty, right?
The first sensations from Mafia 2 are akin to relishing your favorite chocolate - you want to stretch a pleasant moment indefinitely, not to rush anywhere, it is convenient to sit in a chair and, blissfully squinting your eyes, let through this whole stream of unearthly pleasure. The first hacked castle, the first stolen car, a fight, a chase and easy money. From the plot, you are already waiting for unexpected turns, painted in the fine details of the formation of a real mafia, you are looking forward to meeting many representatives of the shadow world, in which money, connections and special family ties dominate.

Lair of stopgeymovtsy. August 30, 2010. A lot was known about the plot long before August 27. The main character, Vito Scaletta, and his childhood friend, a lover of women and extravagant shirts Joe Barbaro, set off on a long and difficult path to conquer the heights of the criminal world of Empire Bay. In theory, everything had to start with minor raids and robberies, and end with a showdown between families with a cut of property and spheres of influence. And it seems that the scriptwriters did the right thing: they didn’t tell another story about how “the guys went to success”, but handed us a loser who simply had a catastrophic bad luck rate, but ... something went wrong somewhere.

Our friends are hopeless nerds without a hint of self-preservation instinct. And if Barbaro at least occasionally worries about the death of his companions, likes to joke, he is not alien to weaknesses and vices (that is, he is more or less like a person), then Vito Scaletta - the key character with whom we are invited to identify ourselves - is the soulless character of a typical action movie of the eighties. He does absolutely everything they say, not for a second thinking about the consequences. The meaning of his worthless existence is to receive a task and fulfill it with grief in half.

We would be glad to discover the identity of Scalett from an unknown side, but the scriptwriters themselves make us treat him like a diligent whipping boy. Oil painting: a sister in tears because of her husband, taking a walk in the company of whores and junkies. Vito bravely visits a party, deforms his son-in-law a portrait and goes home peacefully, where the phone is already cracking due to ringing. “You are a monster! I don’t want to know and see you! ”The girl yells, in response to which Vito hangs up the receiver without emotion and doesn’t remember his sister anymore. Curtain.

It’s no secret that owners of different Mafia 2 editions got any kind of DLC collections of cars and suits as bonuses. So, if Vito Scaletta could sell all this junk, accessible from the very beginning, then he probably would have had enough money to pay off his father’s debts right away and live happily ever after exposing his chest in vain for bullets. Play best friv games on the site friv games online. The most popular collection of jogos friv games are presented on this mega portal.

Let only the main character be a faceless freak. We would still accept this alignment. One of the main troubles of the entire history of Mafia 2 is that it does not have a single well-written and multifaceted character. All types to disgrace are predictable and flat. Details of the biography are presented in a barbaric manner in the spirit of “Oh! Suddenly it turned out that he was a traitor! ”Or“ Go crazy, it turns out he was a real Good Beetle! ”

Well, there are no interesting characters - then give us at least fascinating missions connected by a distinct storyline. Well, yes, dreaming ... The fantasies and tenacity of the developers were only enough for the relatively good first half of the game. From the moment Vito gets (suddenly, of course!) Into trouble just because of fuel tickets (and this after mountains of corpses that he left behind), the adequacy of the plot and staging of Mafia 2stop believing. In the second half of the game, any mission is as follows: we go up by the telephone call, go to the destination opposite the home, watch a video there, then again go to the other end of the map, shoot, shoot, then shoot, shoot again and go back home. All the most interesting tasks fell on the forties, and the fifties would seem sheer torture.

Comparing the two time periods is very, very simple. If you do not take into account all the external attributes - cars, clothes, weather - all the same, there is still too much of everything that is distinctive.

At the beginning, even the cut scenes are very beautifully set: the camera chooses mouth-watering and successful camera angles, all the fleeting movements of the actors are made very realistically - lighting cigarettes, smiles, hand gestures and much, much more. Every second, I want to shout loudly: “I believe!” You don’t even need to talk about interesting assignments and meeting new people.

Horror comes later. Somewhere beautiful videos disappear; meetings with people who, in theory, should give us additional tasks, promise nothing; missions are predictable. The contrast is indescribably great. But the main miscalculation of developers lies not even in this.

It was somehow tacitly accepted that the sequel should be better, richer, more varied, more saturated than the original. There are millions of examples. The second part is almost always the development (namely development) of the ideas inherent in the first. At 2K, Czech doesn't think so at all. It is painfully sad and regrettable to realize that the Mafia 2 looks better against the background of its predecessor only from a position of technology comparison. Well, it’s understandable - eight years have passed since.

But in almost everything else (and this despite the past years), complete degradation is observed. There are problems with the artificial intelligence of the policemen, who are terrified of how accurately shoot even from a riding car, but at the same time they do not give a damn about our careless driving. Fire from the car window is now not allowed, there are no additional tasks at all - except for squeezing the stolen transport under pressure.

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