This War of Mine - war through the eyes of civilians

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“Not all soldiers are in war” is the slogan of the game This War of Mine. This is a story about civilians in times of armed conflict. Look at the world through their eyes.

The Polish game This War of Mine was inspired by the siege of Sarajevo from 1992-1996. But the events described can be relatively easy to apply to any modern war, especially one of the characters says that the language issue was the cause of the conflict in the plot of the game.

You control several people at once trying to survive in the fictional occupied city of Pogoren. Purely in terms of gameplay, this is a group survival simulator. The death of one of the characters you control does not mean failure, although this will noticeably weaken the chances of winning.

This is a difficult game - from those that cannot be run the first time, from those that make you think through the steps forward. This is not for you to run with a gun.

Running away from the city is not an option; all roads are blocked by the army, which fires artillery at the positions of the rebels. During the day, snipers work on the streets, who do not really understand who the militant is and who is not, so in the daytime our heroes are busy arranging the ruins that have become their home and shelter. They make beds and tools from improvised materials, plank holes in the walls with boards, build heating and cook their own food.

At night, the player can send one of them in search of resources to one of the buildings nearby. In the course of reconnaissance, you can sometimes meet other people - both unfortunate fire victims who want to bargain, and bandit marauders. Sometimes you learn the stories of one of the dead. Sometimes you have to return home empty-handed - this is (supposedly) a little better than not returning at all.

To succeed in this game, you need to consider where and whom you are sending. Each of our heroes has its own past, which we can learn about from their brief biographies. It is significant that although they all now look like desperate vagrants, in peacetime almost all of them were outstanding personalities: here is a former football star, he is an athlete, therefore he can run fast, but this man had his own culinary show, which is why he should set to a slab made of random piece of iron.

All characters are also presented in the form of photographs of living people. This only adds to the severity of the atmosphere of the game.

The game is partly tossing moral dilemmas. Usually in the form of people. Sometimes they knock on your door. And sometimes you suddenly encounter them while scouting a house. Let's say you have the opportunity to pick up the last meal from the fridge of the old spouses. Will you steal for the sake of the survival of your friends?

And this is really a moral issue before: you will not receive generous gifts for good deeds here, and evil will not always tangibly punish you for your actions - everything is like in life. Some of your wards will condemn certain actions, someone will justify, and in all situations the opinions of the shelter residents will be different.

In general, This War of Mine belongs to those games that convincingly show the difficulties of their characters. The player feels this trouble directly through the game itself - due to lack of food, the approach of winter. And in the early stages of the game you are guaranteed to be killed if you try to achieve everything by force.

But the main thing in this game is not its complexity. The main thing is that the player can see what constitutes war for most of the people whom it concerns. Behind every heroic soldier with his military exploits are hundreds of civilians turned into thieves, refugees and looters. Hundreds of dead due to random shots. Hundreds of hungry and sick. This War of Mine shows what the war really is and that there is nothing good in it. The most popular collection of friv games are presented on this mega portal.
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