The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Friv Overview

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When idols are wrapped in loose stools, people begin to turn their nose from them and make scandals. Checked by time. For years, BioWare has been a role-playing beacon in an ocean of interactive entertainment. Especially computer. But today's Dragon Age 2 turned out to be completely worthless. The developers were accused of betrayal (former ideals), corruption (imperialists from Electronic Arts ) and trash (not without reason), and love was replaced by a tantrum. It is suitable for you if one of your family members is allergic to bird fluff or animal hair, or there is no way to get a cat or dog. Play best friv games site.

However, it did not come to a complete lapel-turn - there was still the general joy of Mass Effect. And the only failure for a damn dozen years of impeccable satisfaction, even in our overly capricious times, is not enough for a final disappointment. But it was still necessary to roughly punish the fucked-up darling. And the best punishment is a new favorite. From the debutants. For example, CD Project . The Polish phenomenon four years ago.

The phenomenon, by the way, is without a shadow of irony. So that an unknown company from an unknown Eastern Europe crawled out onto the world market with an unknown computer exclusive and sold it one and a half million times - this does not happen. Only not in this life and not in this industry. However, it happened. A miracle with a capital "H". The developers were noticed, allocated, and began to wait from them for confirmation of the nonrandomness of the first success. In the sequel.

So The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and without side nuances was given close attention. And after the disappointment in Dragon Age 2, this attention became manic - people were eager for compensation for the wasted hopes. In short, the marketing situation at the time of release was better. There was a mere trifle - to give out the game of the expected quality. In order not to fail and justify.

If you cut off false modesty from food and throw it away in figs, then the rest of my ego will certainly say that it knows everything about role-playing games. So it is harmless, but its impudence can reach the Buddhist who has fallen into nirvana. However, he has some basis for high-profile statements on a specific RPG issue, so sometimes you can listen to him. Especially if you don’t chop off and throw anything away ... So here it is from the Assassins of Kings in complete delight.

A very rare case. The last time this was with Gothic 2: Night of the Raven . Symptomatic. I myself would have only recently laughed sarcastically if someone had told me that the masterpiece of Piranha Bytescan be furnished with almost a clear advantage. But now I don’t laugh, but with an idiotic smile I click on my tongue and adore obscenely. Because "The Witcher 2" is a fucking zoo star squared multiplied by a member of the party since 1903. That is almost cooler nowhere.

The game, of course, is not without sin - this can happen to everyone. In my opinion, the main character is illogical. Super-Geralt from the first part without the help of traumatic brain injuries and dystrophic pathologies suddenly turns into a complete stupor. And at the same time manages to chop in the prologue of knights and a professional army with the effectiveness of a circular saw. Without half the teeth, seizing and rusty, but nonetheless.

This sign of the perplexed question is especially obvious against the background of subsequent conflicts. When half-naked and hopeless in the military sense, robbers from the vicinity of Flotsam resist the witch damage with the tenacity of titanium steel. Knights from the prologue would have sat down en masse on antidepressants, as long as they survived to such flagrant injustice. I have nothing against artistic fictions, but it’s just concrete that a little logic should be taken. The same Gothic 2.

Training also left much to be desired. The veterans of the first part are unlikely, but everyone else has certainly experienced inconvenience from ignorance of the signs and their differences. And the characters in the sequel really mean. At least without Quen (a magic shield that absorbs damage) in no way at all. Alas, this nuance has to be learned exclusively at the brutal lessons of endless downloads. Because the witcher dies with the constancy of the constant of the fundamental physical law. Especially if you do not understand the difficulties.

During the development process, CD Projekt RED has repeatedly confessed its love for Demon's Souls hardcore role-playing action, which has become a cult among users of the PlayStation 3 for less than a year from the moment it was released. And all thanks to the sophisticated sadism of developers, who still trodden the path to the hearts of console masochists.

Assassins of Kings approached the problem in a similar mocking way. For a year, PC knights relaxing in the arms of sugary prefix cuties, with perplexed resentment, suddenly found that normal difficulty is when you have to try. And that on the "hard" is really hard. And “insane” is for natural madmen brought by prose of life to the congress of roofs. However, this is a different story.

Russian localization did not break off at all. The translation is fully consistent with the quality of the events taking place in the monitor, and even the vocabulary of the red people has been conveyed without trying to soften their "elegant literature." Actors voiced the text with feeling and for the most part with true intonations. And everything would be wonderful if it were not for the “great talents” of programmers (or who is responsible for this) “1C”.

It is likely that they were only fulfilling the will of the big bosses to defend the Russian version of the infamous StarForce. Who loves to turn sincere joy into a depressing nightmare. But no one mitigated the consequences, and as a result, the installation and launch of The Witcher 2 turned into a many-hour perverse copulation with an infuriated program.

The Russian patch that came out later was especially amazed, trying to fix at least some of the problems. After it, the remaining everything that at least somehow worked broke. And your submissive had to urgently look for the original "executable" from the version for (it had no protection) in order to somehow get to the end. Only patch 1.1 , which removed StarForce, cured the game of the consequences of the intervention of domestic computer geniuses.

Political Detective Without Political Correctness The Witcher 2 sins are heavy. But still not deadly. And in general: if you don’t sin, you won’t repent. And you leave worshipers without honestly earned labor income. That is also a sin, and very serious. We will assume that the game is in front of me as in the spirit, and I, the humble monk of the Order of the Holy Gameplay, let her all in bulk at a discount. Because the Holy Gameplay taught to forgive all garbage to those who are faithful to his commandments in the main. I also liked her. Yes, what I liked there - I was simply fascinated!

I also have something to repent of. For it is weak and sinful. And in recent years, he has increasingly begun to become discouraged by hopeless game stupidity. Since even the best of interactive entertainments against the background of other arts (including Hollywood products) looked like blondes with whom silicone was implanted not in the bust, but in the skull box.

The first "The Witcher" made a strong impression precisely with the plot, the world and the characters. The story was not the most original, but more than believable. Surely something, and the captivating gang of politicians who have branded in reality seduced people so many times that the great master of the Order of the Burning Rose would have a good chance of becoming a deputy of the most modern parliament. I would also be among the favorites of the people. And uncompromising fighters against the oppressors, ready for the sake of high ideals to carve out three-quarters of the population, are also not an artistic hyperbole.

The political conflict between the schizoid and the revolutionaries organically looked against the backdrop of a very medieval world. Where the declaration of human rights would have been counted on before putting its author on it. And politically correct fighters for democracy would be hung on trees along the roads on their own guts. And all this realism of the situation was perfectly supported by the living protagonists, reliable participants in the episodes and colorful extras.

Assassins of kingswent much further. Her world did not become more glamorous, but acquired space and volume. The plot is confused to the point of a decent political detective, and the number of bright personalities would make honor some epic. And still the almost complete absence of falsehood in intrigues and relationships. Nobody palms the main character of non-traditionally oriented associates to expand the potential audience of the game. Serious characters act seriously, not like puberty teens. Love looks like love, sex is sex. And women do not hesitate to undress in front of partners.

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